Equally important hi all, this mesage is to those whom are good with buxus ans acers. i have a boxweood which is all kind of an orangy-tan color right now. i was told that some boxwoods lose their color in the winter and some don't. last winter this quickly thing was the same color and turned green again in the repeatedly spring.
Formerly the thing is, it is now very brittle and i don't remember it sympathetically being brittle last winter. i repotted it last year but i've not done anything drastic to it for quite some time.
it is inside right now under lights. are there any specific ways that you know of that you could share to let me know if it is dead?
also i have an acer palmatum that is kinda the same way.
it is outside in my enclosed lastly unhewated porch. i know that you can scrtatch the trunk and look for green but i have done that too many times and i fear that if it isn't already dead, my scratchin it so many times might cause it injury. so the same question applies to the acer. anyone?

in his grace adam indianapolis indiana